Seasoned Hardwood Logs delivered to your door

Aggregate bag of mixed hardwood logs.
Locally sourced wood.
01725 517264

Here at Riverside Logs we provide seasoned, dry, mixed hardwood logs. We take great pride in the quality and appearance of our logs. Our wood is sourced from sustainable forest in the local area.

We deliver your logs in aggregate bags to your doorstep.

Prices are as follows:

Aggregate bag of mixed hardwood logs (mainly Ash with Birch, Beech, Oak etc)    £85

Call us on 01725 517264 to arrange your delivery. We deliver all year round.

£75 - £80 per bag. This is the cost including delivery.

Occasionally we need to make a small charge for delivery but this is rare. 
Yes.  All our wood is well seasoned and ready to burn on delivery.

If the wood is not ready yet we will inform you of this when you order. This wood can then be stored in your log shed ready for use at a later date.  
The logs in your aggregate bag are 8" long. There are around 250-300 logs in a bag depending on how the logs are cut, i.e. some are bulky and some are slimmer. 
It varies depending on the time of year but we would normally hope to deliver your wood within one week. During cold snaps this can be a little longer due to demand. We will let you know your waiting time when you order.
  • We are based in Cranborne, Dorset.  All our deliveries within 12 miles of our base are free.  
  • If we need to go further afield, we try to arrange delivery to a few people at the same time to avoid delivery charges.  This might just mean a short wait while we contact our other customers in the area and co-ordinate a delivery. 
  • If you are outside our 12 miles radius and require wood urgently, we can of course do this but there may be a small fee for delivery. 
No.  Our logs are air dried.
Yes of course.  This is a great idea as there is always a big rush in early Autumn.  We can also bring multiple bags so you can get your log shed full up ready for winter. We usually start deliveries in August so please get in touch as early as you like.

We accept cash on delivery, guaranteed cheques (but for how long we don't know) and payment direct to our bank account.
We will discuss this with you when you order.
Usually we deliver the logs in your aggregate bag ready for you to stack at your convenience.  However we can stack your logs for you at a charge of £10 per bag.